New year’s eve 2014, we got an invitation from a new tourism village to attend their launching event. Two months before, they came to our village to discuss and share about handling a tourism village. The name of this new tourism village was Desa Bale Glagah, which made an educational tourism as their icon. This … More Borderless

Talk Less, Do More

Learning isn’t something that we do in school only. We can learn anywhere and anytime—from every activities that we do everyday. Whether we realize it or not, any recurring activity will give us a lesson to do it more efficiently. But, to do something efficiently is different in group activity. In group, someone’s desire to … More Talk Less, Do More

Pager Piring

The main function of the fence is to secure the precious things. As a safety device, the fence should have the power to secure the contents inside. There are kinds of fence, iron fence is considered as the strong ones. But for the rural communities, the strength of iron fence is still less powerful than … More Pager Piring

Udan Salah Mongso

There is a common proverb: udan salah mongso (rain in the wrong season). But still, we cannot put the blame on God whenever something goes wrong. Although it rains so badly, our river (Bedhog River) will be more challenging to explore. Udan salah mongso just a saying to express the wrong-time-rain. There are mongso (seasons) … More Udan Salah Mongso

Ngedus Jaran

Ngedus jaran is a reference to the ritual of bathing Jathilan horse. It is usually done by Showtime and performed in Beling (springs) or Tempuran (2 meetings creeks). Jathilan group art, Sekar Manunggal usually do it in Cuwo – a spring located in Bedok river. Actually, this ritual is not only do by the Jathilan … More Ngedus Jaran

Nuwun Sèwu

Nuwun Sèwu literally means a thousand thanks. But in the Java language, Nuwun Sèwu is an idiom. This means can vary, depending on the context of the talks and accompanying moment. Nuwun Sèwu could mean ‘excuse me’, when we are through the crowd. Nuwun Sèwu can also mean ‘apologize’ when we ask for something (eg: … More Nuwun Sèwu