Blind Volleyball Competition (The People Happiness)

Due to celebrating Independence Day, people in Dusun Kelor held a volleyball competition. The game was designed to make people in Dusun Kelor closer while having fun playing volleyball. This game was called ‘Blind Volleyball’ because the net was modified with terpaulin. So, the players couldn’t see their opponents. The players could only guess their … More Blind Volleyball Competition (The People Happiness)

Village Election : A Model of Harmonious People

On 9th August 2015, Dusun Kelor participated in village election (Pemilihan Kepala Desa : Pilkades). There are some villages in Sleman that held village election, one of them is Bangunkerto. In this election, there are three candidates to be chosen directly. The rate of participation on Dusun Kelor was 98%. In the end, there are … More Village Election : A Model of Harmonious People